The New Generation of Ronix Air Nailers and Staplers

The New Generation of Ronix Air Nailers and Staplers

The revolutionary new breed of Ronix air nailers and staplers are specifically designed for professionals active in the field of woodworking and carpentry. This line of tools offers an array of features such as ergonomic body design, durable plastic cylinders, variable depth control, etc. which provide optimum comfort and reliable performance for the users. 

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Ronix introduces a line of air nail guns and staplers with cutting-edge technology, engineered with big projects in mind. The greater nailing and stapling performance as well as enhanced ergonomics are the key distinguishing elements which set this group of Ronix air tools apart from the rest in the market. 

No Lubrication for Up to 1 Million Shots

No Lubrication for Up to 1 Million Shots

The plastic cylinder built for this new line of Ronix pneumatic nailers and staplers has significantly reduced maintenance hassles and improved productivity and convenience to a major degree. 

Contact-trip Trigger for Added Safety

This safety feature is fixed to ensure that the tool does not eject fasteners unless the muzzle comes into contact with the work surface.

Tool-free Jam Release

This feature allows for easy and fast clearing of staples by flipping open the nose of the tool, which besides giving the user more comfort, decreases downtime at the jobsite.   

Durable TPU Magazine Case

To protect the tool against impacts and scratches, the magazines are TPU-covered which prolongs the service life of these nailers and staplers.

مجموعه بتن‌کن‌های تاپ لاین رونیکس مجموعه بتن‌کن‌های تاپ لاین رونیکس

مجموعه بتن‌کن های تاپ‌لاین رونیکس

Ronix Topline Series introduces a collection of heavy-duty demolition and rotary hammers to meet the demands of professional users in industrial workplaces. Built on practical experience gained through 20 years of extensive research and constant effort, the products of this series are made to offer leading performance, maximum impact, optimum speed and long lifetime. 

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سری 89 رونیکس سری 89 رونیکس

  مجموعه ابزارآلات شارژی سری ۸۹

Portable, Ergonomic, durable and equipped with the latest technologies, Ronix 89 series of cordless tools are made to meet users’ high expectations in terms of performance, quality, reliability and variety.

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